GookisGaming is an American Gmod Server Network that currently hosts several servers including the 24/7 Modded Minecraft TTT server, Semi Vanilla TTT server, and the PropHunt servers. Originally created under the alias GuccisGaming, Gookisgaming was created by founder GucciCarry. The server originally was only a Vanilla TTT server, but has expanded into a multi-platforming gaming community.

Created on October 24, 2015[1], GookisGaming is has been running for more than a year. After the finalization of the Vanilla TTT server, GookisGaming began expanding to multiple game modes within the Garry's Mod community. Over the past year, they expanded into DarkRP, PropHunt, Sandbox, and Deathrun. GookisGaming is planning a multi-platform jump over to Minecraft. GoochCraft, the new factions server, is planned to be released this summer .[2]

Latest activity

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